Living Full Heartedly

The Mighty One, God, The Lord, speaks and summons the earth from the rising sun to where it sets. Psalm 50:1


Sacrifice thank offerings to God, fulfill your vows to the Most High, and call on me in the day of trouble, I will deliver you, and you will honour me. Psalm 50:14-15


God’s creations are in abundance. Every day the sun rises and the sun sets, warming and cooling the earth, bringing us the light of day and darkened nights. Although God is timeless, He knows we need these cycles of light and dark to refresh and rest our bodies, minds, and souls. He knows what the earth needs to grow our food, and the amount of waters required to quench our thirst. In places though, fresh water and food is lacking. People are thirsty and hungry, and sick. Animals are migrating, trying to find new habitats, some populations dying away to extinction.

Sometimes it’s hard to see God’s abundance in the world among it’s sufferings.

Yet, God calls us not too lose heart. Why? Because He, our Creator, knows that through a heart of gratitude we are delivered from our anxiety and worries. He commands us to call out to Him when we are troubled, so He can provide rest for our minds even when all seems to be in chaos. When we wholeheartedly trust in God’s abundance, hope prevails. Instead of being downcast, we are energized to continue to seek ways to make the world a better place. Through heartfelt love and obedience to Him we honour Him and all His creations.

Where is God showing you His abundance today? How might He be asking you to make the world a better place?

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16 thoughts on “Living Full Heartedly

  1. Such beautiful words, breath-taking photos, and meaningful photos, Lynn. They all inspire and encourage me to trust that “He can provide rest for our minds even when all seems to be in chaos.” I’m so grateful He is the “Mighty One” and the “Most High.” Love and blessings to you!

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  2. Thanks for the reminder Lynn. I am thankful I live in a safe country and all my needs are met. I am praying for Venezuela too. If there is anything specific I can do to help them Lord, please show me. In Jesus’s name I pray, Ker (-:

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  3. “….our Creator, knows that through a heart of gratitude we are delivered from our anxiety and worries. ” Wow! Simple yet so profound! I am a big believer in the soul-transforming work of gratitude and you explained an example of it very well. Great job!

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  4. Wonderful words — it makes me realize that I’m grateful for the abundance of time at home with my sons. I know they’ll be in school before I know it and this time is precious. I found you through the Friends N Faith link party & look forward to connecting more. 🙂

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  5. He is absolutely so mighty and soo very good to us!! Yes even in our own life we have the light of day and we have some dark moments when we can’t see what God is doing but even when we can’t see, we can feel His presence leading us on and we can be confident in His direction. In this confidence we can encourage others to not lose heart!! #TellHisStorylinkup

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  6. Yes for sure ,from our awaking moments thru out the day with all we see and do right to our evenings safe in his arms as we fall asleep. It was once shared to me years ago and still holds true for today.
    Yesterday is history,tomorrow is a mystery,today is the presence open it up and enjoy what he has for you today.
    Enjoy the weather the geese and robins are back spring has sprung for another season.

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