An Unexpected Way


With my faithful blue back pack that carried my camera within, I walked the familiar path. My plan was to reach the pond on the western side of this provincial park I had visited many times before. At the pond, I’d hear and see the life of spring with whistling frogs and blooming cattails. However, it’s been a cool spring. Rounding a lower and shaded corner where ice capped snow covered the pathway, my hikers slipped instead of keeping me upright. Stubbornly I crouched, hoping I could somehow crawl myself to my wanted destination. Soon I resigned my plans and turned back, discouraged and saddened that I wouldn’t be able to complete the journey I’d set out for myself.

But then when I reached my starting point, I kept on, walking an easterly route I had never taken before. Soon I found myself at the edge of a boardwalk much longer than the familiar westerly one. I unzipped my jacket and removed my gloves noticing how the mid-morning sun shined the wooden slats of the boardwalk and lit the tips of the surrounding cattails. I easily navigated the bends and curves of this newly discovered pathway. I rested on one of it’s benches watching a pair of Canada geese, surefooted even on the frozen pond.


If I hadn’t had to turn away from that westerly, familiar path, I would never have discovered the place on the other side of this park. Often, I can get so caught up in the familiar, that I don’t see that there just might be another way, even a better way, to navigate my places and situations. Sometimes it may take a complete roadblock or impassable path before I turn to look another way. And then discover something so much better than ever expected.

It reminds me too, how the disciples had thought Jesus’ life and power was the path for them to conquer the Romans. But the path was in the opposite direction, wasn’t it? It was through Jesus’s death that conquered something so much greater than just the Romans-the bondage of sin. The disciples familiar path to conquer with power and war was gone with Jesus’ death on the cross. And, in it’s place became an unexpected but much more better way.

For you know that it was not with perishable things such as silver and gold that you were redeemed from the empty way of life handed down to you from your ancestors, but with the precious blood of Christ, a lamb without blemish or defect. 1 Peter 2:18-19

Is there a pathway you are turning to go His Way?  Or a familiar one you are being asked to turn away from? May you rest in knowing the unexpected path can lead to the unexpected and a better Way….

Happy Easter, my readers! I will be back here again after our Easter celebrations.


16 thoughts on “An Unexpected Way

  1. Love the photos and the lesson that came with them. Very well said and so true. I think most of us resist going a different way than we plan or hope to go. You have reminded me to rest in the gift of the different path the Lord may set before me. Thanks, Lynn🌷

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  2. Sometimes we have to venture off the beaten path and that’s when we find something new.

    I needed your post right after reading the one I just read. Someone discussing Issac Asimov and Stephen Hawkins’ beliefs that there is no such thing as Heaven and hell. Sadly I think those men discovered the truth the hard way.

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    1. It can be hard to read beliefs that you know might have left others to suffer so. But I’m glad our words here helped you today Diane. May you have wonderful Easter celebrating His everlasting love.


  3. Loved this, Lynn. I’ve found delightful paths when I was forced to take an unexpected route. God does have a way of doing that in life too. I’m learning that when I lean into the different direction the Lord directs me in, He’s trustworthy in leading me where I need to be, even though I may not see beyond the next step forward.

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    1. Leaning into the different direction instead of against it shows your love and trust in Him, Jeanne! It really is about faithfully taken one step at a time–this trust of the One who knows us best. Have a wonderful Easter!

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  4. Those unexpected path is the story of my life. I would have stayed on the familiar one because I like it and it brought comfort and no fear. The familiar house, neighbor, friends, state, country, they could have stayed the same in my book. So glad my husband listened to the Lord and we took so many different path in our years, each one taught us a lesson grace, gave us wisdom, left us with more faith then we had before and drew us closer to the only who knows what on a different path. Great post Lynn…

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  5. Beautiful photos. I especially like the one of the wooden path. Thanks for the reminder that our way may be good, but Gods way is best! (-: Ker

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  6. oh I could just sit with your beautiful photos all day long, Lynn. thank you for sharing such beauty here. it’s always a treat to visit and be refreshed. God uses you to restore my soul.

    Easter blessings to you, friend …

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