Where We Live (is all just temporary)

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Oprah Winfrey’s current tour includes our provincial capital city. That is surprising to me. Canadian-American actor Seth Rogen’s character in the movie Like Father demonstrated perfectly how us Edmontonians tend to introduce ourselves to our American neighbours: “I’m from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada,”  he tells actress Kristen Bell’s character. Not just “I’m from Edmonton.” Or from, “Edmonton, Canada.” Rogen’s comment when interviewed regarding that line:

“Yes, Canadians do that 100 percent. City, province, country. Canadians are always afraid, and rightfully so, that Americans won’t know where Edmonton, Alberta is. That’s a legitimate concern (laughs).”

I must admit when watching the movie, I laughed out loud at that line. It’s so true! Sometimes when I’ve found myself travelling and answering where I’m from,  I’ll add “It’s close to Calgary. You know, where the Olympics were in 1988.”

The hockey fans I’m chatting with will generally  know of Edmonton with our NHL team and Wayne Gretzky history. And the city and surrounding areas have been homes to Olympic medalists in skiing and figure skating, hockey and curling–all sports so-very Canadian.  Oh, and then there is the West Edmonton Mall, the largest mall in North America and 14th overall in the word. So, thinking this further through, I’d say Edmonton, Alberta, Canada is more than Oprah tour worthy. (Disclosure: I’m not interested in going to Oprah’s talk but would have gladly gone to see Michelle Obama, however the tickets were too high for my budget. So I’m waiting in line for her book from my library–I think I’ve moved up to 98th spot).


All in all, we may be able to boast about world wonders in our home cities, or not. Where we live may be recognizable on a worldly scale, or just known by those within a 100 km radius or less. We may have to point on a map or show an Instagram post for others to understand where we call home. Or just say the city name like those from New York or Dubai and receive wide-eyed responses of wonder and questions.

Although our countries and cities, attractions and landscapes can shape our likes, dislikes, choices of career and hobbies, our identity is rooted in the One who created all. We need not ever be afraid we are unknown, or that we need to lean on a neighbouring place to be seen. We can be rest assured that in Christ we always know where we come from and where we are going.

For all this is temporary, until we are called home.

So we fix our eyes not on what is seen, but on what is unseen, since what is seen is temporary, but what is unseen is eternal. 2 Corinthians 4:18

“Heaven and earth will pass away, but My words will not pass away. Matthew 24:35

Let’s get to know each other better! Tell me where you live and something you like about it.

I’ll start:

I’m from Sherwood Park, Alberta, Canada which is just east of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada that is a four hour drive north from Calgary where the 1988 Olympics were held! 🙂 I love the wide-open spaces of the wheat fields, watching CFL football on a summer day, and skating in the winter. On cloudy days and my birthday, I like browsing Williams & Sonoma, Anthropology and Pottery Barn all at the West Edmonton Mall!

Now your turn.









31 thoughts on “Where We Live (is all just temporary)

  1. This is such a fun post as you describe how Canadians share where they live! Your province is one of the prettiest places we have vacationed. Loved how you described the area, but even more how you reminded us all that wherever our location, it is only temporary!! Perfect place to start my day in reflecting.

    I am a Midwest Northeast Ohio girl who has lived not more than a few miles from the home where I grew up except for the years my husband was on active duty in the military. I just live outside a city of about 25,000 where high school football is king and Paul Brown got his start. (The high school stadium is Paul Brown Stadium.) Once a thriving steel town, that industry has been gone for a long time. The city also has several historic houses including one that was a stop on the Underground Railroad.

    Have a blessed day!

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    1. I love visiting historic houses! Living in the same area for many, many years allows you to experience history in the making and sounds like you’ve had that experience. High School football isn’t quite as big here as it is in the US (and think that may have to do with the difference in scholarship programs) but must admit I love most American teen movies around high school football. Thanks for sharing a bit of world with me today, Pam!

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  2. I live in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada…lol…I am a teacher and busy doing ipps (sorta like report cards for children with special needs) now, so not much time to type. I’m so glad I can look forward to going to Heaven one day, where I won’t have to do ipps any longer. (-: Kerry

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  3. Lynn what a fun post. I’m from Colorado Springs…Colorado. I’m the wife of one amazing man, the mother of two delightful (except when they aren’t) teen boys who keep me on my knees in prayer. I enjoy coffee, chocolate, writing, photography and spending time with friends, but not in that order. And i’m Trying to stay close to God in this season of busy-ness and testing.. the travel bug bit me when I traveled to Durope with my son in March, and i’ve Begun my “to-visit” list.

    That’s all for me. 😁

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    1. I’d love to visit Colorado sometime Jeanne! I’ve been to Utah but not your lovely state! I look forward to seeing your ‘to-visit’ list places that have been checked. Maybe one will be Canada!


  4. This is a great post. I smiled at your description but love knowing you like to skate.

    I’m a Southwest Ohio girl, opposite of Pam. We are probably about four to five hours away from each other. I’ve lived in the same five mile radius my whole life until I packed up and moved 30 min north to a new neighborhood two years ago. I’m a suburban girl who hangs out sometimes at the local mall down the street but more often you will find me at a local park. In a few weeks I’ll have both sons and their families in the same city. 😊

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    1. It’s so wonderful that your sons and families will be in the same city, Mary. I love all your pictures from the parks you visit, and your daily walks. I haven’t been through Ohio, but been close when I was younger when I lived in the Toronto area and visited Lake Erie. Like I also mentioned to Pam, to live in an area your whole live allows you to experience history happening over the years! What a blessing!

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  5. Did you hear the news? Canada has welcomed Asia Bibi, who was recently acquitted of blasphemy charges in Pakistan. She arrived today. Cheering for Canada…Edmonton and Calgary and all the places in between!

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    1. Yes I did hear that Sandi! I spent most of my day in my car traveling for work and heard it on the CBC news. And I believe her daughters are already in Canada? It sounds like you have been following that story closely. I know Canada is much colder in climate, however I pray she feels a warm welcome in Canada!


  6. I was born in Virginia. My husband and I lived there for many years. Different towns across Virginia. Then, we moved to North Carolina with his job. Then, back to Virginia. Finally, we moved to South Carolina in 2017 to be near son, daughter-in-love and first grand child (who is now 21 months old). We love Virginia and still have family and friends there. We love South Carolina, too. We are learning about alligators and herons and egrets. Lots of beauty in VA, NC and SC. 🙂

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    1. Grandchildren can sure dictate where we live! That is a lovely area you’ve moved around in and it is so full of history, isn’t it? When I was young we drove through the States on the way to Florida, I remember our stop in Charleston, SC the most. After reading a few Nicholas Sparks books, the Carolina’s have been on my to visit list. 🙂 I do tend to get the NC an SC mixed up a bit though! Thanks for sharing where you are from Melissa. Now I want to print a map of the US and then put my blogging friends pictures on the states where they live. It’s help me to get to know you better as well as your country!

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  7. Hi Lynn! I live in Sioux Falls, SD. It’s in SE SD and is named after a beautiful Falls that graces our city. If I remember correctly, when I taught near Lethbridge, Alberta, a co-teacher and I once travelled to Edmonton to a big teachers’ store we heard about. I think it was Edmonton? Anyway, I remember loving that store and coming back with a lot of stuff for my 1st graders. 🙂 On another note, I just watched one of your hope videos – “Tree Whispers.” I imagined myself walking among those trees and listening to God’s whispers. It breathed quietness and hope into my spirit, especially since it is raining again here and still too cold for me to take nature walks. So thank you! Also for the beautiful reminder that there is an eternal weight of glory awaiting us! Love and blessings to you!

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    1. Sioux Falls looks absolutely gorgeous! And you spent time in windy Lethbridge? I didn’t know that and am glad I do now! There was a great teacher store in West Edmonton Mall. I bought teacher items for my home there as well! And thank you for letting me know you watched Tree Whispers. That blesses my heart and glad it breathed quietness and hope into your spirit. A lot of those shots were in Georgia and Florida too as I’d just returned from those places when I put that video together. I hope the sun comes out soon so you can enjoy your nature walks again. I think we are kindred spirits in the sense that nature is where we hear and draw close to God.

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      1. Yes, we are kindred spirits when it comes to nature. 🙂 You said there was a great teacher store. Is it gone now? It was in the early 80s when I was there. I taught for four years in a private school north of Lethbridge, kind of in the country with a Monarch address. We would have our year-end picnics in a Lethbridge park. 🙂 ❤️

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  8. That picture does NOT look real. Like seriously it looks like a fake image. The pics you take and share are simply BREATHTAKING, Lynn. Where you live is GORGEOUS and I’m so glad you capture it and take it all in like you do!

    I live in Columbus, Ohio- the most boring place on earth. PERFECT for raising kids. LOL

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    1. Ohio seems quite popular though, Chris! You are the third one to say she’s from Ohio! And you live there, so how can it be boring with you there?!! I love being outside as much as possible, and my camera is my excuse to get out and seek out some beauty in nature. I’m glad you enjoy seeing a bit of my world though my pictures!


  9. I always love seeing photos from your location, Lynn! My middle son and his wife just moved to Alaska this week, so they drove through your area on their journey, and I thought about you when they sent photos! I am originally from a small town in the Northeastern corner of Indiana, although my husband and I have moved many, many times finally ending up in a small town in the Southeaster corner of Wisconsin. What is it about me and corners?? 🙂 Thank you for the glimpses of beauty that your posts always bring. Blessings to you!

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    1. Oh, I love Alaska! I hope your son and his wife have a wonderful trip. June is my favourite season to be up north, especially with the expanded daylight hours, but May is very nice too. Reading how you moved from Northeast to South east reminds me of the lines in Psalm 103… “as far as the east is from the west, so far has he removed our transgressions from us.” God’s sure taken you around a lot of corners, Bettie! Blessings to you too!

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  10. I live on the island of Cape Cod in Massachusetts. I love the ocean’s roaring beauty, off-season’s desolate spaces, sandy roads seldom traveled, long walks, and all things quiet and still.

    And I love this post, Lynn … and oh that stunning photo of those red chairs and their vista.

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    1. I do love when you share your piece of the world in words and photos Linda! They resonate quiet and stillness. The red chairs are in all our national parks. If you look close, you’ll see a beaver picture on them as the beaver is our national animal. I know many land owners find them kind of pesky though. Lol! And I do get shocked whenever they splash those big tails of theirs!


  11. I live in Charlotte, North Carolina, but Virginia will always be my home. I did a similar post many years ago. I should do it again since old followers go and new ones come aboard. Beautiful photos, Lynn!

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  12. I’ve read about Charlotte in fiction novels. It sounds so beautiful and hope to get to NC and SC one day soon! It’s interesting how we can see a certain place as our home even if we moved away and been away from it for many years. This has been a fun post to do, and now I want to print a US map for my office, and place pictures of all you on the places where you live so I can remember every time I visit your blogging places!


  13. I just subscribed to your blog, and I believe this is the first post I have read. I found you on Mary Geisen’s blog. I was born in Brantford, Ontario and have lived in London, Ontario, Canada for over 50 years. I have done some travelling. I have a cousin in Calgary and visited there quite some time ago, but never got to Edmonton. I have been retired for about 9 years. I love nature walks, too, and I always have my camera with me so I don’t miss some of those moments which never repeat themselves. I love to write, have a blog (soon to have another web site), two published books, and am working on a couple more that are getting close to being able to publish them. I am also an artist though I don’t have time to do much art any more. It has been interesting reading the stories of all these ladies. God bless you, Lynn.

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    1. I love London! And have family in Brantford, and the GTA. Actually I grew up in Burlington. It’s wonderful to meet you and have a fellow Canadian here! Sounds like you have been busy. I look forward to getting to know you better. Have a wonderful May long weekend!

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  14. What part of Brantford does your family live in? I still have some family there and friends as well. I don’t get there very often any more. I have always loved London, even as a child when we came to visit my aunt and uncle.
    Thank you for the follow on my blog. I hope your holiday weekend is a happy, fun one. God bless.

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  15. Hi Lynn! A fellow InScribe member here. I live in Deroche, BC. Most people who hear that say they have never heard of Deroche. That’s ok! The fewer people who know about it the better. 🙂 It is a small community fifteen minutes drive from Mission, BC, which is across the Fraser River from Abbotsford, which is about an hour east of Vancouver, BC. The Deroche area has farms all over the place. We are almost right up against mountains. There are eagles living in the area all year round. We have great fishing. A plus also is my wife and I are within short driving distance from each of our children and grandchildren.

    I love your website, by the way! 🙂


  16. Hi Lynn! It’s Alan Anderson, a fellow InScribe writer here. I live in Deroche, BC, about fifteen minutes drive east of Mission, BC, which is just across the Fraser River from Abbotsford, which is about a forty-five minute drive from Vancouver. Deroche is a beautiful country village surrounded by farmland and mountains. We have eagles all year round. There is also fantastic fishing close by. In addition, our children and grandchildren are all not too far away.

    I spent a bit of time walking around your website. I love how welcoming you are on your site. Thank you for your fun post. 🙂

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