This Kind of Hope

In spite of everything I see around me every day, in spite of all the times I cry when I read a newspaper, I have a shaky assurance that everything will turn out fine. I don’t think I’m the only one. Why else would the phrase ‘Everything’s all right’ ease a deep and troubled place in so many of us? We just don’t know, we never know so much, yet we have such faith. We hold our hands over our hurts and lean forward, full of yearning and forgiveness. It is how we keep on, this kind of hope.”

ELIZABETH BERG – Talk Before You Sleep

This week my hairdresser let her clients know that the salon will be re-opening. And then listed all the rules. Stay in car until someone comes to get you, salon will provide you a mask, and your stylist will also be wearing a mask. This, of all things over the last two months, made me want to cry. Maybe it’s because I had hopes that I’d be able to see smiles and laughter and even grimaces by all when social distancing restrictions lifted. And less arrows in grocery stores as those can be so darn confusing! I am somewhat of a rule follower and failing at navigating the aisles properly stresses me! Anyone else with me on that?

I hope for less ZOOM soon and more VROOM from my car traveling the open National Parks, stopping where others too, are enjoying the view of mountains, lakes, and wandering elk.

I hope for less YOUTUBE while on a mat and more ICE-CUBE like ice as I skate in open recreational facilities to challenge my skills and physical fitness.

And I hope for less device FACETIME and more real FACETIME with real hugs instead of circling arms while calling out “virtual hug!” after social distance times with grandkids, kids, and more recently, friends.

Hope is not the closing of our eyes to risk difficulty or failure. It is the trust that if I fail now, I will not fail forever; that if I am hurt, I shall be healed; that life is good and love is powerful! And I shall always prosper in my relationships with God, others and myself.


I hope for these changes. And this kind of hope whispers “it’s going to be okay” easing my troubling places within.

Through him we have also obtained access by faith into this grace in which we stand, and we rejoice in hope of the glory of God.


What kind of hope do you have today?

17 thoughts on “This Kind of Hope

  1. I am thankful for the hope we have in Christ. Times may be tough right now, but we can rest in His comfort. I am looking forward to book stores opening again. I am ready to visit book stores, etc. and read my children’s book. Have a wonderful and blessed day! 🙂

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  2. I’m so thankful God knows my heart. He knows how to provide me with the comfort I need when my heart breaks for those who’ve lost loved ones, their jobs, their homes and their daily interaction with family.

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    1. Jill, many people have lost so much. Just yesterday, I saw a man at the gas station collecting bottles from the garbage bins. That’s not something you would think to see in my neighbourhood. With oil prices plummeted our province is heading into a recession, but God does provide us the comfort we need even while our hearts our breaking.

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  3. Yes! I am so thankful for HIS hope, that is Jesus, my living hope, inside of me, and each one of His Body too. We are filled with Him.Thank you for this precious reminder and encouragement today. He is still here, leading us forward in Him.

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  4. Lynn, thank you for weaving these gentle words of solace, of hope. All will be well.

    He knows, He cares, His heart breaks with ours. He is our sacred hope giver.


  5. I hope for the same things as you, Lynne. I hope to be able to hug my grandchildren too! The ones who live close by and the one who doesn’t. Our local grocery store just removed the arrows. Victory!!! Sort of. One thing for sure, we won’t take these simple pleasures for granted again (I hope!)

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  6. I don’t have a problem with the arrows in the grocery store for the simple reason that I have not been in a store since this started. 🙂 I order online and have groceries delivered. It’s much easier for me as I cannot stand for long periods of time without a huge increase in pain. So I don’t want to even think about waiting to get into the store then walking all around to pick up what I need, then standing in line to pay. It’s just not an option for me. But it is working out well for me this way. I am believing the Lord is going to do something through this and also to end this time in a way we may not be looking for. Back on March 15 I had a vision of myriads of angels being released from heaven to, as it says in Hebrews, render service to those who will inherit salvation. I have since heard prophets telling of similar visions. Though we can’t see them physically or perhaps not even specifically what they are doing, they are nonetheless doing God’s work on our behalf. There is comfort in that and there is hope in that. The Lord never stops working or speaking, and what He speaks will bring His will into being. We are safe in His arms.


  7. Thank you for your hope-filled post. I cannot wait for face to face conversations with friends over a cup of coffee or tea. I also would love to travel again especially to see my family. I love this —> Hope is the trust that if I fail now, I will not fail forever.” Amen.

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  8. Beautiful words, Lynn. As I read your post, I kept thinking about something a speaker once said. It went along these lines: “Everything will be okay in the end. If it’s not okay yet, it’s not the end.” Remembering that this isn’t a forever condition and that we will again see people face to face and smiles instead of masks, and most of all, that God is in control in all of this has comforted and strengthened me as we walk through this time in life.

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