Stopping in for the Extraordinary


How is your summer so far? I’ve been restless to travel provincially to Jasper and Banff, however the timing has not yet been right! I still have 8 more weeks of summer, and will get there with camera in hand. And then have new landscape Breathing Spaces to share!

Today, I am over at Inscribe Christian Writers’ Fellowship. Below is an excerpt.

Have you ever nervously laughed when something so extraordinary is told to you that you have a hard time believing it could truly come to pass? 

After already a long life-time that had Sarah and Abraham still childless, I can imagine the news that they would have a son in a year was astonishing. Their life experiences had thus far shown them a child of their own becoming an impossibility as time marched on. Today we may flippantly refer to times when things just don’t happen like we expected as “it just wasn’t in the cards,” or  “it is what it is.” We may laugh at ourselves while we try to justify in our minds and hearts that our unmet dreams were silly or unrealistic in the first place.  Or we laugh at others when suggestions so extraordinary from our own perception have us choking down chuckles while internally we throw water on any flame sparked in our hearts.

 The realistic and ordinary become the safe places to navigate rather than the possibility of the extraordinary. Dreams dim as circumstances prevail. Years, maybe even decades pass by and, like Sarah, the womb stays empty. Hope leaves with the passing of time. But the Nourisher never stops working. Continue reading….

What places are you planning on visiting this summer?

6 thoughts on “Stopping in for the Extraordinary

  1. It has been with different challenges mixed with songs of praises and filled with hope. I have desired to be on my way to Jasper and Banff coming weekend but obviously time is not ripe also. However, the joy of having God as our all sufficient God is both comforting and amazing!

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    1. Hi Jemi, I had a trip planned to PEI to finally visit Anne of Green Gables land (a bucket list item)! But “got squashed” as you say! Banff is a 4 hour drive, so my staycation this year. If ever want tips on what to see & how to travel Banff, definitely reach out to me!

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  2. Beautiful post, Lynn. Sorry I’m late…somehow I missed it. Since my state is still stuck in Phase 2 of re-opening, I’ll be staying close to home this summer. Thankfully, many of my blogger friends travel and share their photos! 🙂


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