A Trust of Timing

From where I write, when I glance up from my laptop, I see a framed picture of my best-friend and I. Both in summer tops, mine magenta and her’s white, we are standing in front of her backyard pool, our arms encircling each other’s waists. A moment taken and then like vapour, gone. And she left too, 8 months later, passing away from cancer at 49 years old.

As time has gone on, I observe how life goes on. The earth still spins, the sun rises and sets, and although the grief still remains, threads of joy weave through it’s strands, balancing the colours so one does not overwhelm the other. Death is a certainty, a leaving from an earth that continues to spin, repeating natures cycles long after we are gone. There will come a time, when we are not remembered anymore.

Striving to Find Meaning

So what is the point? In my most painful of times, when dreams seemed to vaporize and when overcome by losses, I’d wondered what really is there to gain from life when it is just taken away?

Wisdom is knowing we have limited access to the full picture. Trust God’s timing and be purposeful with the time you have.

Finding Freedom From Endless Searching

He has made everything beautiful in it’s time. He has also set eternity in the human heart; yet no one can fathom what God has done from the beginning to end. Ecclesiastes 3:9

It’s easy to become wearisome when we try to search for answers in things that are in God’s timing. A loved ones death too soon, a job loss, a dream unfulfilled–all can leave us disillusioned and questioning when we try to reason out the why with our own limited understanding. Solomon’s teachings show us how earthly pleasure and pursuits can never satisfy us, but we have “eternity in the human heart.” In other words, we have a restlessness for His perfect creation. In our limited world view, we cannot comprehend everything, but are called to trust His timing to make all thing’s beautiful in it’s time. To free us from our endless striving for answers, let’s look up in trust and say “my time is your hands.”

What are ways that help you trust God’s ways and timing?

24 thoughts on “A Trust of Timing

  1. I have found a lot of peace as I have chosen to trust the Lord’s timing. Thank you for sharing this. I’m visiting today from the Recharge Wednesday link up. Have a great day Lynn!

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  2. Waiting is hard work! And sometimes trusting in His timing when we have our own plan is frustrating, but His timing is always better even when we don’t understand why that time was better than another time. It definitely takes a burden away when I know He’s in control – and I don’t have to be.

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  3. I understand your thinking of wondering if it is worth it when life is snuffed out at a young age. How do we trust that God has our best interests at heart when this happens. What helps me to trust in God is how He has been faithful in other circumstances. I also can’t think of not trusting Him. It is his hope that pulls me through.

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    1. Hi Mary! It is his hope that pulls us through! Yes, and He teaches so much about hope and trust through His words. Being faithful and trusting in His way over ours brings peace to our hearts. Thank you for your words here that reflect His truth, always!

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    1. Hi Tyrean, Praise and gratitude are what David demonstrated even in the harshest of circumstance we read the Psalms, isn’t it? I am still learning to do that! 🙂 And you remind me the importance of presence–that He provides all that we need. Thanks for your words here today!


  4. Hi, Lynn! I’m visiting from the IWSG today. What a beautiful and soothing post, a lovely reminder to trust in God’s timing. It is difficult to lose a friend, but hopefully you will be with her again. I love your photos of the magnificent Canadian Rockies. Sometimes I remind myself that one of the most amazing things about life is that I got to be ~ me, alive! What were the chances of that?

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    1. Thank for visiting from IWSG today. I missed this month’s prompt but will complete the November one, God willing! I am blessed to not live too far from the Canadian Rockies to photograph their beauty. It never gets tiring. And, yes, there is so much beauty to experience and we are blessed to be alive!


  5. Lynn, first of all, even though it may have been a few years, I am so sorry for the loss of your best friend. That’s a pain that never entirely disappears from our hearts. I really love how you defined eternity in our hearts: “we have a restlessness for His perfect creation” Beautiful.

    I’m thankful that God sees all things, even though we can’t. There’s comfort in knowing He’s got us.

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  6. Beautiful post and beautiful photos Lynn. God’s creation is indeed beautiful. There doesn’t seem to be anything noteworthy in a little seed, and even when the first tiny shoots pop out of the ground, there’s nothing very pretty about them. But, in it’s time, when that seed comes into its fullness and blossoms appear, it becomes beautiful. Our lives are like that too. They might not be very becoming at first, but when we walk with Jesus for years in a deep relationship with him, His beauty shines through us even when we are not aware of it. It’s in His time.

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  7. Beautiful post and such good questions, Lynne. It reminds me of the verse from James: “Not as the world gives do I give to you.” I take that to mean that God gives us everything we need. We must not need our earthly lives because we will certainly lose them.

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  8. I’m not a religious person, Lynn, but I do believe that love and kindness are never wasted, that they change lives and ripple outward and through time in ways we can’t fathom. To me, that’s how my life on Earth matters. It’s the reason I’m here. ❤ ❤


  9. Amen, Lynn: “To free us from our endless striving for answers, let’s look up in trust and say ‘my time is your hands.'” Striving saps our strength and steals our joy; trust in God provides a place of rest. When circumstances don’t make sense, when my mind is full of questions and my spirit is hurting, I have often turned to Romans 11:33-36 for comfort.

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  10. Expressed with sincerity and reaching us with a truth that makes a difference. Time is not the end-all, when we have eternity to look forward to. But even now God has blessed us with beauty. This post and your transformed heart happened in a time perfectly fitted in God’s plan and here I am on another one of God’s timely plan reading this inspiration. Have a blessed day!

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