Who am I?

I am Lynn, residing in Alberta, Canada, a mom of three grown children, a grandmother, a career woman, Certified Christian Life Coach, photographer, writer, and most of all, a precious daughter of our mighty God.
But who am IFB (1 of 1) really? And why would you want to work with me as your coach or to be a guest facilitator for your small bible-study groups?

 Like all of us, I have had struggles in my life, and continue to grow and develop through obstacles on my journey. God has led me to teachers and coaches who have helped me overcome self-defeating behaviours and mindsets that hindered me from moving toward the dreams, visions, and goals God placed in my heart.

Slowly, one small step at a time, He has been opening doors and guiding me to tools and resources to redeem, restore, and grow to become the girl He created me to be.

Now I have a passion to pass along these tools. As a trained and experienced Certified Christian Life coach I help others on their journey to remembering who they are in Christ, and in guiding others to uncover, restore, and build their God-breathed dreams, visions and goals.

My Mission

Inspiring hope in others received from the transforming power of God’s grace. 

Always curious, learning new activities keeps me happy. In my 50’s now, I decided it was DSCN1010finally time to create the dream of playing guitar! Stay tuned– no pun intended! I also love shooting (with my camera) God’s creation. Photography keeps me grounded and centered on the details of the moment.

I have published a 30 Day Journal of Thankfulness, Success and Joy, a tool for you to move toward your hopes, dreams and goals, one step at a time. And more recently, Breathing Spaces, a 21 day journey of rest, reflection & renewal.

At 16 years old I wrote the following and it is still something I hold on to today and a blessing to pass on to you:


Hope is not the closing of our eyes to risk, difficulty or failure. It is the trust that if I fail now, I will not fail forever; that if I am hurt, I shall be healed; that life is good and love is powerful; and I shall always prosper in my relationship with God, myself, and others.

Have a ridiculously amazing day! The world needs you, my friend!